Julia - Cotswold Country CyclesThe cycle centre is based at Longlands Farm 2 miles from Chipping Campden. Ian is a fourth generation tenant of the Earl of Harrowby. The Harrowby family owned vast tracts of the surrounding land on this escarpment during the 19th century. The family home, Burnt Norton house, the subject of T S Eliot’s famous poem, is situated next door to Longlands Farm where Lord Harrowby resides. Longlands is one of the remaining farms on the Harrowby Estate in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

With a young family holidaying in France, we found ourselves cruising about in a car with little opportunity to converse or interact with the locals. Having cycles was a revelation for us. We got to know the area and the people in a way impossible by car. Evening meals were a treat as everyone had a hearty appetite.Jim - Cotswold Country Cycles

On our return cycling became our passion. Having turned our hobby into a small cycle hire business some years ago, we have progressed to organising tours for the past 10 years. It is important to understand our cyclists’ needs and aspirations and in order to keep faith, we believe in experiencing the ‘tour ethos’ ourselves. This gives us the insight to make sure we ‘deliver the goods’. OK we admit it – we like to have fun too. Julia has biked the eastern side of Cuba and also cycled in Morocco.  Previously she had toured across western Cuba as well as biking in Andalusia, Spain.  Ian has completed a 28 day, 13,500 mile ride across the US to Alaska/Arctic Circle and back by motorcycle.  He has California Biker - Cotswold Country Cyclesalso toured the North and South Island of New Zealand and in the spring of 2008 toured California, again on motorcycle.

Jim, who has helped in the development of routes here in the North Cotswolds took up a different challenge during September 2006 when he cycled from the Canadian to the Mexican border, a total of 1970  miles.  His trusty Dawes cycle saw him through with only 1 puncture!  The scenery was breathtaking and dramatic, not as cosy as here and the wildlife impressive – an adventure of a lifetime.

Amongst our bikers were honeymoon and Silver Wedding anniversary couples – its true the Cotswolds are a very romantic destination and as such, we try to find the most charming accommodation.