In true Halloween spirit, we’re going to take a look at some of the most haunted places in the Cotswolds. From family friendly ghost tours to spooky villages and haunted castles, there’s something for everyone this Halloween. So, get ready for some Halloween half-term fun this October with these festive activities and locations:

Cotswold Ghost Tours

Providing tours around reported paranormal events, the Cotswold ghost tours are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. With professional guides leading the tours that are centred around historical events, you can really get into the legends behind these iconic gothic areas of the Cotswolds. The guides bring to life the spooky tales behind each location providing a compelling way to explore the Cotswolds this October. Due to the nature of the tours, some are not suitable for children below a certain age, so be sure to double check before booking a tour!

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Prestbury Haunted Village

The most haunted village in England, Prestbury couldn’t be more suited for Halloween. The ghosts of Prestbury have been reported throughout the years, the most famous of all being the Black Abbot. Regularly spotted in the church, he used to walk the aisles of St. Mary’s church until it was exorcised, restricting him to the churchyard.


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Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle was made infamous by the death of King Edward the II who was imprisoned and murdered in the dungeons. It is said that his agonising cries can still be heard throughout the castle. A chilling location for some Halloween festivities, from the 23rd-26th of October, Berkeley Castle is open for some spooky family fun. Carve pumpkins and meet witches and wizards mixing potions and casting spells in the dungeons.


Ghost hunt at Woodchester Mansion

Said to be the home of many ghosts, Woodchester Mansion is a gothic mansion house in Gloucestershire. It is also believed that the mansion is the epicentre of all ghost activity in the area, making it the perfect spooky location for some Halloween fun. Ghost hunts are regularly held at Woodchester Mansion, so have a look at dates for a spooktacular event!


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Sudeley Castle

Home to Queen Katherine Parr and Lady Jane Grey, and visited by Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I and Charles I, Sudeley Castle is steeped in history and English culture. Also home to Janet the housekeeper whose ghost haunts the castle, you can embark on a ghost hunt to find out more about the spooky residents. Alternatively, enjoy the haunted magic shows that take place in the dungeons! A real Halloween treat.

Sudeley Castle- Cotswolds